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Dr Loubna El Mkaouar

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Is a deputy course leader for the MA Media & Development. She is a Fellow of the HE and teaches practice based and theoretical classes related to creative content production, technological and human development.  She is in interested in brain and social evolution within current tangible power structures including spaces where discourse, narratives, and ways of making do congeal.


Creative Industries and Media Practice:

She worked as a Foresight Strategist for high-tech giants closely with design, engineering, marketing strategy colleagues and research agencies to design, implement, manage, analyze and report out on relevant market trends to inform business decisions. She worked to bring forward new ways of looking at futures research to inspire the development of concepts and solutions and to apply rigorous approaches to the future of real-world problems while collaborating with market strategy on the development of future-forward recommendations. Thanks to this, she developed a good understanding of changes in people’s values, attitudes, and behaviours towards technology.

Previously, Loubna worked as a producer, presenter, art director and director for several production houses and international TV Networks such as the Associated Press (APTN) and Al Jazeera TV. She produced/presented news, pitched ideas for new programmes, directed/art directed/produced and voiced several new children’s programmes for JEEM TV for education and entertainment purposes.  She seized the opportunity to produce popular and empowering content for little girls and boys in the Middle East via short features withing the system.

Loubna was called forward by GOPA and the EU commission to co-lead a mission on Gender Development in all the Media institutions including the government office in Morocco. She worked as a consultant for several human rights missions in the Middle East and North Africa. She also served as a media advisor & a regional consultant for networks such as DW TV.


Education and Research interests:

Loubna is interested in language and storytelling as a craft of painting in time & space.  Her research looks at content creation, datafication & explores ways of adding value/encouraging evolution and enhancing service via creative content/using creative tools. She is working with the principle of “the adjacent possible”.  She is researching interdisciplinary power structures, development possibilities & creative spaces to map the politics of possibilities based on technology, language, brain studies, innovative “tools”, power relations, media solutions, cloud computing & crowds’ interconnectedness.

Currently she is writing a book on Gender as Entertainment in the Middle East exploring the endless possibilities of adaptive evolution and the global philosophies of sociocultural, political, & psychological constraints.  She Co-edited a book on Media Ownership in Africa: Change, Challenges and Continuity. She received the Africa No Filter Fellowship to research Effects of technology and peace/conflict journalism on shaping conflict Narratives in Africa.

Loubna worked for City University of London leading a Post Graduate course on Global Media Industries and serves as an external examiner/postgraduate dissertation supervisor at Kings College London.