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Hugo de Burgh BA (Hons) MA PhD FRSA is Professor of the Study of Journalism and Director of the China Media Centre. He is one of a small number of academics who have pioneered the study of the Chinese media outside the Chinese world. Hugo de Burgh’s research examines the roles of journalists, particularly investigative journalists, in both Britain and China. He has published books and academic articles on both.

Hugo de Burgh’s current research deals with the ways in which the Chinese media are investigating and reporting environment issues and the impact of this upon Chinese media and government. The adaptation of the Chinese Party and government information systems to these developments and to the effects of growing internet use is a closely related topic and he has recently conducted a case study research project on this in Zhejiang, which he is currently writing up. As an adviser to Chinese media organisations on producers’ and journalists’ professional development he has also written on this dynamic area.

Hugo de Burgh established the China Media Centre as a focal point for researchers, Visiting Scholars and postgraduates from the Chinese media industries. Started with a grant from the Quintin Hogg Trust and tasked to become self funding, its knowledge transfer and consultancy activities – along with grants for specific projects from RCUK and Leverhulme – now fund the Centre, including staff salaries, scholarships, fee waivers, academic conferences and seminars.

Hugo de Burgh holds a Professorship at Tsinghua University under the Chinese Ministry of Education’s 985 programme for bringing ‘key knowledge and talents’ to China, is International Dean in the School of International Journalism at Xinan University of Policy & Legislation and Honorary Professor of Shandong University. In addition to these leading Chinese academic institutions, he has close working relationships with Fudan University, with whom he set up the first International Media Academic Exchange in 1997, and China Communications University, where a Research Summer School is held each year. In 2010 he was appointed to Chair the Board of the International Accreditation Committee for Media and Communications of Tsinghua University. In 2013 he has been awarded the Honoured Endowment Professorship from two Departments of International Expertise, Peoples Republic of China. He is expected to give ten lectures each year at Tsinghua University and to be in residence for two months.

In the UK has been a Board Member, Great Britain – China Centre (a UK public body), since 2006 and Adviser on Higher Education Links for Communications and Media, British Council. He was responsible for content of the Smith Institute, 11 Downing Street series of 5 seminars Valuing China 2005-6 and initiated and directed The China Impact: The Westminster Hearings on China’s Economic Development and the UK, 5 conferences for the All-Party Group on China and the Select Committee for Trade & Industry 2006-7. He was Chair of the (Foreign Office) Global Opportunities Fund Human Rights Project 2005-2007 and recently directed China and the New Green Deal for the All Party Parliamentary Group on China as well as advising the FCO on the latest Wilton Park China conference.

He is regularly a keynote speaker in China at both academic and media institutions. Recent speaking engagements in the UK have been at Oxford University, the Frankfurt Book Fair, Wilton Park, Battle of Ideas, Royal Institute of International Affairs and the All Party Parliamentary Group on China.