Teerada Na Jatturas

Doctoral Researcher
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I see the postgraduate programmes (MA & PhD) at the University of Westminster helping me towards my lifelong goal of doing research pertaining to digital rights in the international settings. One of the biggest goals would be to find a full-time research position in human rights or media watchdog organisations, but I could also see myself doing more grassroots work. I am opening up to new experiences and keep many doors open to opportunity.

Doctoral Project

Activism and Politics in the Digital Era

My research focuses on the political economy of communication and digital media studies, particularly related to the Habermasian public sphere, political science, and cybersecurity for civil society organisations in non-democratic settings (including Asia-Pacific). Ultimately, I am keen on asking the following questions in my PhD project: to what extent the Internet expands the public sphere and the development of democracy; how activists employ digital and traditional media to mobilise, organise, and publicise their campaigns; and how political, economic, and ideological powers on the Internet affect civil society in both democratic and non-democratic societies.