CAMRI Staff interviewed for BBC3 about Music and Depression

3 September 2016
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‘The idea that DJs and electronic artists may suffer mental health difficulties as a result of their work is an idea that should, to any critical thinker, be obvious’, writes Ciaran Varley in his BBC3 think piece on DJing and Depression. ‘Nocturnal hours’, he goes on, ‘unhealthy touring schedules, fickle fans, job insecurity, a culture of drink and drugs… not to mention the many solitary hours in front of a computer. The inherent risks to wellbeing are clear’.

The article goes on to discuss these issues with Sally-Anne Gross and Dr George Musgrave from the University of Westminster – both of whom have worked in the music industry for years and who, together, are leading the first ever academic study into the relationship between music and mental health, titled Music and Depression(MAD), for the UK’s leading music charity Help Musicians.


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