Theme lead

The Communication, Technology and Society theme conducts and promotes research into technological, social, political, economic and cultural aspects of communication and technology. Its emphasis is on the characteristics of the digital in mediated communication, and on their social implications. It is embedded in interdisciplinary perspectives on communication, technology and society. Its research topics include:

Technological aspects: Artificial Intelligence (AI); algorithms, data and machine/deep learning; synthetic media and deepfakes; Internet of Things (IoT) and sensors; platforms and standards; (alternative) infrastructures. 

Social aspects: AI, data and society; automated news and disinformation; media and data literacy; digital divides, tech and inequalities; ethics; censorship; personalisation; digital disconnection.

Political aspects: Activism, campaigning and social movements; data activism and justice; political communication and democracy; policy and regulation; alternative media.

Economic aspects: Digital capitalism; platform economics; convergence; commons; copyright and intellectual property.

Cultural aspects: Identity and subjectivity; class, gender and ethnicity; sexuality; visual and remix cultures; memes; narratives and storytelling.



  • Conduct world-leading research on communication, technology and society.
  • Develop a collaborative and interdisciplinary ethos for communication, technology and society researchers.
  • Communicate research through publications, events, workshops, conferences and other activities.
  • Secure external research funding.
  • Attract doctoral and post-doctoral researchers.
  • Collaborate with internal and external researchers, groups and institutions.
  • Champion the research-teaching nexus and the importance of research-led teaching.
  • Provide research-based resources for policy makers and for knowledge exchange.



Photo by Uriel Soberanes on Unsplash