Dr Mercedes Bunz presents AI research to the House of Lord’s Select Committee

9 November 2017
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Dr Mercedes Bunz, Senior Lecturer in the Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design, has given evidence at the House of Lords’ Select Committee for Artificial Intelligence at the Palace of Westminster this Tuesday.

One of 30 researchers of the University of Westminster’s Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI), Dr Bunz submitted written evidence from her research about the role of data sets in artificial intelligence and was invited to testify.

“Artificial Intelligence has recently entered another level based on new developments in data-based programming known as machine learning. My research has focused on the role of data sets and the effect of potential policies,” said Dr Bunz.

Research Dr Bunz had undertaken together with Professor Graham Meikle in the course of writing their book “The Internet of Things” clearly shows that data sets have begun to play a new role in digitalisation. Dr Bunz said: “Data is not just managed anymore. It can now be used to create new knowledge. For Artificial Intelligence, data is indeed the new oil.”

The UK holds data sets that are highly valuable in areas of public interest including transport and health. Data was the focus of the Select Committee’s meeting to which Dr Bunz, Ms Elizabeth Denham, the UK Information Commissioner and Dr Sandra Wachter, Postdoctoral Researcher at Oxford Internet Institute were invited.

The Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence was appointed to consider the economic, ethical and social implications of advances in artificial intelligence, and to make recommendations. It is chaired by Lord Clement-Jones.

The University of Westminster’s researchers are highly engaged in new technological developments across faculties. The next event discussing this topic is Into the Future…The October 2017 ‘Growing AI in the UK’ Report on 23 November 2017.

It has been organised and will be chaired by Dr Paresh Kathrani from Westminster Law School and will examine artificial intelligence, robotics and the law and has convened expert panel discussions between roboticists, ethicists and lawyers. The event will discuss the government’s recent report ‘Growing AI in the UK’. Panelists include Dr Bunz and Dr Steven Cranfield from the Department of Leadership and Professional Development in Westminster Business School.

Dr Bunz’s research was undertaken as part of CAMRI’s Policy Observatory.

Find out more about the forthcoming ‘Growing AI in the UK’ event.

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