Doug Specht and Gunter Saunders write on AI in Higher Education for London Business Matters Magazine

20 February 2024

Doug Specht and Gunter Saunders have written about how AI is changing the face of Higher Education for London Business Matters, the magazine of the London Chamber of Commerce.

In the article, which appears in the LBM January edition, Specht and Saunders note that the higher education sector has historically shown apprehension towards embracing new technologies, leading to slow adoption of digital innovations, even when they hold transformative potential. They go on to point out that “GenAI’s simple browser-based interface lowers the barrier to use compared to previous educational technologies, which often require greater digital confidence” and that, “GenAI’s conversational questioning style aligns well with academic inquiry, and the fact that its outputs need a human check increases rather than reduces the need for critical thinking and engagement.”

The full article can be read for free on the London Chamber of Commerce website.

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