Doug Specht and Gunter Saunders contribute to AdvanceHE AI Garage Overview

24 April 2024

Doug Specht and Gunter Saunders have been cited in a new AdvanceHE publication on AI. The AI Garage Overview is part of AdvanceHE’s broader effort to document and analyze AI projects across Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

The overview refers to the University of Westminster project “Making Sense of Generative AI at the University of Westminster,” led by Gunter Saunders, Associate Director of Digital Engagement and Libraries, and Doug Specht, Assistant Head of School for Media and Communication.

The project aims to gather student feedback on the use of generative AI tools in their education, focusing on concerns like plagiarism, creative control, and the potential educational uses of AI by instructors. The research combines both qualitative and quantitative approaches to develop guidelines for the responsible use of AI in academia.

The outcomes of this research are anticipated to influence the creation of fair policies and best practices for the ethical application of generative AI in educational settings. The project leaders regularly update the university community with their findings, facilitating an informed discussion on the future of AI in education.

The data and insights from the “Making Sense of Generative AI” project are incorporated into the AI Garage Overview by AdvanceHE. This report aggregates information on various AI initiatives within HEIs and provides an analysis of these efforts. Originally planned as a final report, the AI Garage Overview has been expanded to include ongoing collection and analysis of AI practices, with a second edition expected in the 2024/2025 academic year.

Through their involvement in this project, Doug Specht and Gunter Saunders contribute to the understanding of AI applications in education at the University of Westminster and offer valuable insights for the AI Garage Overview. Their work helps inform the development of policies and practices in the use of educational technology.

Download the AI Garage Overview from AdvanceHE.



Photo by Desola Lanre-Ologun on Unsplash

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