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Is Leveson dead or merely sleeping?

A Research Paper by Steven Barnett, published by British Journalism Review (26)

Article regarding Lord Justice Leveson’s inquiry into phone hacking and the ethics and culture of the UK media.


An American friend passing through during the early days of our election campaign was astonished by the front pages of our national newspapers strewn over my kitchen table. Politically engaged, but somewhat of a naif about our great election newspaper tradition of Labour leader bashing, he shook his head: “It’s all so vindictive and so desperately… personal”.
He was, of course, talking about the relentless attacks on Ed Miliband that – in The Sun, Mail, Express, Star and Telegraph as well as their Sunday stablemates – variously painted him as a philanderer, a geek, a fratricidal
backstabber, a Stalinist ideologue, a hypocritical toff and a clueless tosser.
According to one analysis for openDemocracy, personal insults directed at Miliband in the second week of April averaged five a day across the Mail, Sun, Telegraph and…. Read more
Steven Barnett


Steven Barnett is Professor of Communications and an established writer and broadcaster who has been involved in policy analysis at the highest levels, both nationally and internationally, for the last 35 years. He has advised government ministers in the UK, has given evidence or served as an adviser on several parliamentary committees, has been called to give evidence to the European Parliament, and has been invited as keynote speaker at numerous national and international conferences.


15 June 2015
Published By
British Journalism Review (26)
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