New 7-minute Making Media Studies cut-down video

Just before Christmas I had to make a video for a conference. I mean, they asked me to, and I had said yes.

So, I know that nobody likes long videos on YouTube. However, these people had asked me to do a ‘keynote presentation’ which probably means it ought to last for more than 2 minutes.

Having come up with the momentarily amusing gimmick of being interviewed by a computer voice, a Windows computer voice which consequently sounds a bit like the Speak & Spell toy that older viewers may remember from the 1980s, I ended up doing a video which came in at 32 minutes – surely the acceptable mid-point between 2 minutes and 62 minutes.

Nevertheless nobody really wants a 32-minute video on YouTube, so I just edited a cut-down 7 minute version of some key bits.

And so here it is. To summarise the 7-minute version, it is about:

→ The state of media studies now

→ Borrowing a set of 3 points from Tim Ingold: the need to make, move forward, and transform.

→ Media as triggers for experiences, and the need to have conversations, inspirations and making things happen.

→ … An approach which is much better than the standard media studies approach to media as ‘a bunch of things to be looked at’

→ The problem with the word ‘share’

I hope you like it.


David Gauntlett

About David Gauntlett

David Gauntlett is Director of Research in Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design. He writes and teaches about the ways in which digital media gives people new opportunities to create and connect, and the social implications of this 'everyday creativity'.


David Gauntlett
10 February 2016
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David's Blog
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