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New Book: Children and Screen Media in Changing Arab Contexts

A Book co-authored by Tarik Sabry and Nisrine Mansour, published by Palgrave

This new book, co-authored by Tarik Sabry and Nisrine Mansour, uses a phenomenological and multi-sited ethnographic approach, to focuse on children’s uses of digital media in three sites—London, Casablanca and Beirut—and situates the study of Arab children and screen media within a wider frame, making connections between local, regional and global media content.


The study moves away from a conventional definition of media towards a pluralistic interpretation, and provides key ethnographic findings that reveal how the notion of home is extended across everyday spaces that children occupy. Exploring the relationship between children and media outside of the subject-object hierarchy, it re-connects them in a horizontal mapping of affectivity and intimacy. This book will appeal to scholars specializing in children and the media, digital media, media and cultural studies, media anthropology, philosophy and Middle Eastern studies.




Tarik Sabry


I am a Reader in media and communication theory at the University of Westminster where I am a member of the Communication and Media Research Institute and Co-ordinator of the Global Media Research Network.

I am the author of Cultural Encounters in the Arab World: On Media, the Modern and the Everyday (2010, I.B. Tauris); Editor of Arab Cultural Studies: Mapping the Field (2012, I.B. Tauris) and Co-Editor of Arab Subcultures: Reflections on Theory and Practice (I.B. Tauris 2016).

I am Co-Founder and Co-Editor of the Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication and co-founder of the journal Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture. I am co-editor with Joe Khalil of Culture, Time and Publics in the Arab World ( IB Tauris 2019) and a co-author with Nisrine Mansour of Children And Screen Media in Changing Arab Contexts: An Ethnographic Perspective (Palgrave 2019).

My research interests include media and philosophy, audiences, children and the media, Arab popular cultures, Arab contemporary philosophical thought and cultural studies. I conducted a number of ethnographic studies exploring the relationship between global media and the dynamics of hybrid identities in Egypt, Lebanon, the UK and Morocco.


24 May 2019
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