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New Videonet report: Next-generation multiscreen operations – how big is the fork in the road?

A Report by Barry Flynn, published by V-Net

Virtualisation has many benefits, starting with increased agility, but what about the argument that it will turbo-charge best-of-breed flexibility and give long-term competitive advantage to multiscreen providers who operate their own headends? In a new report, Videonet has investigated whether this theory stands up, and if the OVP (online video platform) managed operations alternative can compete.

The report outlines the benefits of a do-it-yourself operations model (where you build and operate your own virtualised distribution platform) and the advantages of outsourcing OTT delivery to an OVP that offers its own cloud-based, virtualised delivery infrastructure. We looked for evidence that these represent a significant point of divergence on the road to next-generation TV operations, affecting the future technology choices available to multiscreen providers. You can read the conclusions, based on what some major Pay TV operators and leading vendors and consultants told us, both off and on the record.

You can download the free report from here.


Photo by Wahid Khene on Unsplash

Barry Flynn

About Barry Flynn

I’m an experienced strategic consultant and technology analyst with 30 years’ experience of the UK TV industry, and have advised a wide range of blue-chip media companies and global brands in Europe and the USA on technology developments within the TV, mobile and Internet sectors. My consultancy practice has been founded on a long and varied career in journalism, where I combined senior TV and print editorial roles with IT expertise, and continues alongside my part-time lecturing role at Westminster.


Barry Flynn
28 June 2017
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