Building Bridges: PSM law, theory and practice

4 November 2021 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Karen Donders (VRT) and the commentators Anette Alen-Savikko (University of Helsinki), Hilde Van Den Bulck (Drexel University), and Klaus Unterberger (ORF) will be in charge of the second IAPMR@DialogueBuilding Bridges: PSM law, theory and practice. In this webinar they will discuss the practices of #PSM across Europe, including the rules that govern Public Service Media at both the EU and the National Member State level. They will also explore challenges to the theories of #PublicServiceBroadcasting which have developed an ideal-type public broadcaster based on the well-funded BBC in an atypical media market. Seeking to further explore the actual practices of Public Service Media and make recommendations for the development of more sustainable policies, this webinar will highlight case studies of rules and practices from across a variety of EU Member States to consider the extent to which public broadcasters are making the transition to public media.

The event is based on Donders’ award-winning new book…/Donders/p/book/9781138477056

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