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Anastasiia Chabanova

Doctoral Researcher
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Doctoral Project

The Impact of New Innovative Digital Technology on the Film Production Process

Constant developments in technology allow filmmakers to push creative boundaries and create new ways of storytelling. New innovations in digital technologies are creating new ways of digital filmmaking, reconstructing the post production process and reformulating the abilities of filmmaking. Inspired by personal and professional experience in the subject and interest in new technical developments, my research will focus on the UK film industry and aims to explore and evaluate the impact of innovative digital technology on the post production process, and the changes they cause to the relationship between production and post production. More specifically, I will be looking at Real-time Augmented Reality Technology, which allows the visualisation of CG VFX shots on set in real-time while filming. This is the most developed and used technology out of the three. It is also most talked about in the film industry by professionals. Companies such as NCAM have created such technology in order to innovate the post production process. I will also be looking at the impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning video technology and Narrative Intelligence on the post production process. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning video technology are used for automation of post production. AI and ML technologies are used to improve the process of touch ups and carry out routine tasks for VFX and Editing. Furthermore they are also being used for auto-generation of trailers and promotional videos. Narrative Intelligence enables the use of AI to generate narrative fiction scripts. To clarify, the ‘innovation’ aspect does not refer to innovations in actual narrative writing. It is rather referred to the technical innovations in text generation or assistant tools for script writing. This is the least developed one out of the three, when it comes to creative narrative writing. However it is successfully used for routine auto-generated articles for journalism and used as an assisting tool for script writers to carry out routine tasks. It is also a very popular topic for people who don’t work in the film industry.