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Paninee Boonlert

Doctoral Researcher
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I graduated Bachelor of Communication Arts and Master of Public Policy and Management. Currently I am interested in the broadcasting policy and political communication.

Doctoral Project

Radio Broadcasting Policy in Thailand

Resulting from Thailand’s struggling over media reform, public service broadcasting (PSB) can be used to address the problem. Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS) was already aired on television in 2008. However, public radio broadcasting has not been yet originated while national radio spectrums are owned by army and government with the licenses auctioned by private companies. The community radio stations have dispersed over Thailand without permitted licenses, particularly during political conflict. A reason of army and government control over radio broadcasting can deal with a large number of rural radio listeners. The research objectives are to analyse Thailand’s radio broadcasting policy and its factors, and propose radio broadcasting policy and PSB in Thai context. The research questions are: How the radio broadcasting policy of Thailand has been developed, and What its aspirations and objectives related to the BBC benchmark are with the methodologies of policy document analysis and depth interviews.