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Xinyi Yang

Doctoral Researcher
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Xinyi Yang holds a MPhil/PhD in Media Studies; Master in Management of Cultural Industry; Bachelor in Legal Media Studies; and is President of New Vision Media Group.

Doctoral Project

The Political Economy of Internet Celebrities in China

Internet celebrities in China, usually called “Wang hong” in Chinese slang, refer to those who become famous on the Internet. They may catch people’s eyes because of certain events or behaviors, and attract followers and fans on social platforms. Although the development of Internet celebrities in China advances both participatory culture and integrated sociality, its monetarisation and commodification transmogrify the ideal networked public sphere into a sphere of culture consumption. Considering that political economy is a major perspective in communication and media research, it is necessary to study the experiences and impacts of Internet celebrities in China from the perspective of political economy, starting from a realist, non-essentialist and critical epistemology, and aiming at the prosperous development of this newly-emerged group.

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