The Cultural Identities and Social Change Research Network is an interdisciplinary and multimethod research network within the Communications and Media Research Institute of the University of Westminster.

The network aims to bring together scholars and PhD students to examine, challenge, and deconstruct, notions of culture, identity and social change. Work extends across areas including gender and post-colonial studies, development studies, social movement studies, migration studies, nation and nationalism, social activism, education and literacy, audiences and users, studies on representation and power. As well as challenging the ontological notions of these contentious areas, the network also seeks to explore the way(s) that new methodologies can be used to question these themes, developing new provocations.


  • To critically challenge the scope and definitions of social chance and cultural identity
  • To explore the epistemology of social change
  • The engage with digital and traditional ethnographic approaches to explore and expand the notions of social change and cultural identity
  • To explore new methodological approaches, and work together to further develop methodologies in this field.
  • To create a space for sharing practices, methodologies and theoretical ideas into collaborative intra-disciplinary learning spaces.
  • To work collaboratively with the other networks within CAMRI.


  • To plan and host a workshop to question what is social and cultural change and to work towards new methods of exploration of this notion. “Methods and Theories of Social and Cultural Change”.
  • Develop a series of “ignite talks” which will bring to the fore the issues, limits and problems that are faced within this field.
  • To apply for research funding together
  • To look towards collaborative research and writing.
  • To develop a reading series.