Susan Abbott

A Comparative Study of Foreign Aid and Media Development After The Cold War: The Impact Of American And European Strategies

Bashir Abdullahi

Disinformation Ecosystem in Africa: From Lifeless to Body Double, Viral Fake News, Disinformation and Conspiracy Theories on the Cloning of Nigeria’s President

Alexis Anthony

A New Age for Media Trust: An Empirical Study of Podcasts, Trust and Public Opinion

Deborah Ball

Auditing persuasive tech: to what extent are design features programmed to steer user behaviour in messaging apps?


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Maria Bortnovskaya

Content personalisation strategies in the UK news media and their impact on operations across media organisations.

Julie Boutros

Implications of the diffusion of illiberal media


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Emma Calderin Perez

A Digital Divide Debate Towards the Role Of Internet In Cuba

Massimiliano Cervellino

Towards the Knowledge Economy: The impact of the Hybrid Environment-based Connective Model on Knowledge Factories.

Ayushi Chamoli

Impact of Television news on middle-aged Indians with focus on their level of media literacy.

Alessandra Costagliola

Mobile for Development in India: Representation, Production, and Reception of M4D Advertising



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Christopher Day

The BBC and European integration, c. 1945-1975

Nourhan El-abbassy

Egyptian News Production Under Transition: A Comparative Analysis of the Role of the Egyptian Press Amid Political Turmoil in-light of Ownership and Objectivity.


Feng Shangyue

Alienation and Discipline of Investigative Journalists in China

Samuel Gregory

Evolutions in human rights witnessing, advocacy and activism using video and social media: a reflection on the key ethical and practical questions experienced by professional practitioners and everyday activists, and how broader technological infrastructure and systems condition these possibilities


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Jingxin Hu

Fans of Virtual Idols in Contemporary China



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Huanyu Huang

Speak in Women’s Way: Online Feminism Movements and Social Media Impact on the #MeToo China 2018



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Nupur Jaisinghani

The cartography of Indian women’s realities through fictional representations in different forms of Indian literature


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Helen Jay

A ‘public service internet’ – to what extent is the ‘public service’ intervention in UK broadcasting applicable to contemporary policy on digital platforms?



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Binod Karmacharya

Connecting Development Communication and SDGs in Nepal: A Case Study of Sanitation and Hygiene Projects in Nepal.

Mi Kim

Female Female Working-Class Consciousness in South Korea in post-Covid life


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Rebecca Lewis

Conscious Creation: Policy, Globalisation and Cultural Representation in the South Korean Miniseries

Meidou Liu

Mobile MOBA Gamers and Short Video Platform: Encountering the Gamer Experience on TikTok

Liu Yuchao

Nationalism and social media in China: a case study of Chinese nationalist movement against Muslim minorities on Sina Weibo

Micaela Lobos

Exploring the media’s role in addressing social inequality in Latin America: A case study of pension reform in Chile


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Felipe Maciel Tessarolo

Offensive Speech, Fake News and the Brazilian ‘New Right’



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Nagham Naga

Sustainable high-quality journalism under authoritarianism in Egypt: The contribution of innovatively written, funded and managed start-ups

Samuel Neves

Self-disclosure in computer-mediated pastoral care


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Nahed Redouane

Social Media Activism in the 2019-2020 Algerian Uprising

Ella Roberts

The BBC and Northern Ireland: Creating and Accepting a Shared History

Vanessa Rustom

The Politics and Practice of Impartiality – a comparative analysis of the BBC and commercial broadcasters

Lookman Sanusi

The Challenges of Digital Switchover in Nigeria within the Global Trend in Digital Broadcasting

Gopika Shaji Nair

The UK’s Indian Diaspora: Reflections of Hindutva Ideology Online and Offline

Rachel Stamford

Pay to Pitch: Are changing patterns of journalism training turning news into an elitist industry and what are the implications for journalism and democracy?


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Sangya Tyagi

News and perceptions of bias in modern media audience



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Rupert Waldron

The Creative Labour of Transcultural Intermediation: A Critical Political Economy of Globalised Self-Constitution

Chiao-An Wang:

Digital Platform Regulation— Take other countries’ example for Taiwan to follow



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Wang Weixuan

Digital labour and gender politics on Chinese digital platforms— A study of the feminisation of the labour of commenting


Wang Xiaohan

Investigating the Impact of China’s Digital Communications Strategy in Africa: A Case Study of Zimbabwe and Kenya

Wang Xuda

TikTok and Chinese Soft Power in Africa: New Dimension of Sino Power in Africa?

Nanette Willberg

Designing Social Micro-Learning Interventions for Blended Learning Scenarios in Higher Education: Mixed Methods Research at Macromedia University of Applied Sciences

Wu Po-hsi

Copy to the world: How the digital games industry rewrites global cultural dynamics under closer integration with the Mainland China market



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Wu Yutong

Media representations and ideologies: A comparative study of Hong Kong protests in 2014 and 2019

Xi Qiaosong

Everyday feminist activism in Chinese social media

Ofer Yeger

Bring it Home: The Experience of Building and Dwelling with Social Media

Zhang Haiyue

How does China’s journalism combat international fake news: the frame study of using constructive approach on fact-checking.

Zhang Ruiyue

Geopolitics of the Global Media Framing of Protests in China: The Case of Wukan and Hong Kong

Zhang Ruoyu

Gender Oppsition in Chinese social media–How does social media stimulate extreme emotions

Zhang Tongxi

The Reconstruction of Living Space of Rural Chinese Social Media Wanghong by Short Video Platforms Based On Space Production Theory—take Kuaishou as an example