New Book: Everyday Media Culture in Africa: Audiences and Users

  • Zimbabweans reading a newspaper copy

This book, co-edited by Winston Mano (and Wendy Willems) addresses the everyday lived experiences of Africans in their interaction with different kinds of media: old and new, state and private, elite and popular, global and national, material and virtual. The ongoing targeting of African audiences and users by global media companies such as CCTV, BBC, Al Jazeera and CNN as well as social networking platforms and mobile phone networks testifies to their increasing global importance. So far, the bulk of academic research on media and communication in Africa has studied media through the lens of media-state relations, thereby adopting liberal democracy as the normative ideal and focusing on the potential contribution of African media to development and democratization. This volume contributes instead to the project of provincializing and decolonizing audience and internet studies, focusing here on the lived experiences of African audiences and users.


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