Jean Seaton comments on the BBC’s plan to axe radio reporters

Jean Seaton has been interviewed by The Observer about the BBC’s plans to axe radio reporters. The article, by Vanessa Thorpe, details plans by the BBC to require all […]

13 September 2020

Jean Seaton speaks to BBC Radio 4 about the Licence Fee

Jean Seaton, in her capacity of Official BBC Historian appeared on Radio4’s The World This Weekend to provide context and defence of the BBC Licence fee. In a discussion […]

10 September 2020

Doug Specht elected to the RGS Digital Geographies Research Group committee

Doug Specht was this week elected to the role of Prize Coordinator on the managing committee for the Royal Geographical Society’s Digital Geographies Research Group. In this new role […]

27 August 2020

Jean Seaton celebrates the publishing of Animal Farm with appearances on BBC Radio 4 and APR

Last Monday marked the 75th anniversary of the publication of Animal Farm by George Orwell. To celebrate this birthday, Jean Seaton took to BBC Radio 4 and NPR to […]

23 August 2020

Orwell Youth Prize Winning Story predicts A-Level results fiasco

The Orwell Foundation, headed by Jean Seaton, is hugely proud of Orwell Youth Prize winner Jessica Johnson, whose story ‘A Band Apart’, about a dystopian future where an algorithm […]

23 August 2020

The Orwell Prizes, and Orwell Youth Prizes 2020 Announced

The Orwell Prizes aim to encourage good writing and thinking about politics. The prizes are overseen by Prof. Jean Seaton who is Director of the the Orwell Foundation. Winning […]

10 August 2020

TripleC special issue-Call: “Engels@200: Friedrich Engels in the Age of Digital Capitalism”

Cancelled Stamp From The Soviet Union Featuring Friedrich Engels Who Is Most Famous For Writing The Communist Manifesto With Karl Marx. Call for Abstracts/Papers: tripleC special issue: “Engels@200: Friedrich Engels […]

13 July 2020

Steven Barnett interviewed by ARD about the #DefundtheBBC campaign

Following an investigation into the origins of the #DefundTheBBC campaign undertaken by Prof. Steven Barnett and Doug Specht, and published in The Conversation last week, Barnett has spoken to […]

25 June 2020

Anastasia Kavada speaks on public opinion, digital freedom & suppression at #Studio202X

With the globally increasing use of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Weibo, the public sphere has expanded into the digital space. In the context of the corona-crisis […]

23 June 2020

Christian Fuchs interviewed about his new book

Christian Fuchs was recently interviewed about his new book, Communication and Capitalism: A Critical Theory, published by the University of Westminster Press. We have reprinted the interview here with […]

3 June 2020
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