Voz Collaborates with Bournemouth University’s Civic Media Hub to Map Tear Gas Usage

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Voz, a platfrom devised by CAMRI Research Associate, Doug Specht, to document human rights and environmental abuses around the globe, was relaunched this month as version 2.0. As part of this relaunch Doug and the Voz team collaborated with Bournemouth University’s Civic Media Hub to vastly expand the public available data. Dr Anna Feigenbaum, of Bournemouth University, with the help of Laura McKenna and Matt Ellis, has been tracking the use of tear gas against civilians for the last three years, and has shared her data with Voz. This data has been mapped across the platform and allows users to chart the extensive use of tear gas around the world; comparing this to locally generated reports. You can filter the map to show just those tear gas reports or see them within the context of all reports.

More on this project will be coming over the following weeks and months.



Voz allows campaigners, activists and social movements to quickly and easily post live reports of human rights and environmental abuses occurring in their local area. Creating a database of geographically located reports, helping to share experience and knowledge, and providing up to the minute, locally produced information for national and international NGOs. The project was devised by Doug Specht, and is co-managed and constructed by himself, and web developer Todd Specht of Create Element
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