New Book: Symptoms of the Planetary Condition: A Critical Vocabulary

14 March 2017
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Editors: Mercedes Bunz, Birgit Mara Kaiser, Kathrin Thiele
Title: Symptoms of the Planetary Condition: A Critical Vocabulary
Meson Press 2017

The book playfully explores the legacies of critique in view of the symptoms of our planetary conditions and asks: How are we to intervene in effective ways into the our contemporary conditions of finance capitalism, the anthropocene, climate change and neoliberalism? Thirty-eight engagements with terms ranging from affect and affirmation to terror, world and work provide the reader with a speculative toolbox to be continued. As Virginia Wolf once proclaimed: Think we must! Negativity, judgment and opposition as modes of critique have run out of steam. Critique as an attitude and a manner of enquiry has not.

The entries have been written by members of Terra Criticaan international research network in the humanities, bringing together scholars specializing in critical and cultural theory.

Mercedes Bunz wrote entries on the role of capital, technology, and work. Further entries are written by Jacques Lezra (University of California Riverside), Leonard Lawlor (Penn State University), Rosemarie Buikema (University of Utrecht), Sam McAuliffe (Goldsmiths, London) and others. The book was edited by Kathrin Thiele and Birgit Mara Kaiser (both University of Utrecht) together wth Mercedes Bunz (University of Westminster, London).

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Image: Mercedes Bunz