On Friday 26th May join us to celebrate the first national UK Face Equality Day.

10 May 2017
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On Friday 26th May join us to celebrate the first national UK Face Equality Day.

The University of Westminster is happy to invite you to take part in its first Face Equality Day to be held on 26th May in Harrow Campus.

Face Equality Day is a national event created by the UK charity Changing Faces to increase awareness of bodily disfigurement and challenge the stigma surrounding it.

Over 1 million people in the UK have a condition which causes disfigurement to their face, hands or body. People who have a condition affecting their appearance often experience bullying and discrimination. The University will be joining the UK charity Changing Faces to support a vision of a society where all individuals with disfigurements are treated fairly, equally and with respect irrespective of their appearance.

Face Day Equality Day will take place on Friday 26th May, 11am-4pm, in the Forum of Harrow Campus. There will be different events throughout the day at Harrow Campus including:

– A workshop with the burns survivor and campaigner Catrin Pugh on her experiences of media coverage of her own facial disfigurement. Time and venue: 2pm, Harrow Library Training Room. No booking needed.

– An exhibition at Gallery West featuring the portrait series Birthmark / Naevus Flammeus by the Danish photographer Linda Hansen. The exhibition runs from 26 May – 11 June.

– Stalls, information and give-aways on facial diversity in the Forum.

The organization of Face Equality Day is part of the CAMRI research project ‘Facial Disfigurement in the UK media: From Print to Online’ funded by the Strategic Research Investment Fund.

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