Xin Xin interviewed for South China Morning Post on TV dramas singing Communist Party’s praises

13 September 2017
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Xin Xin has been interviewed by the South China Morning Post in their article on the rise of TV Drama’s promoting the Communist Party. The article by Sarah Zheng discusses new guidelines that “strictly forbid” broadcasters from airing purely ratings-driven content and assessing staff solely on ratings. They also pledge more support for distribution of TV shows abroad to increase China’s soft power, and require online video providers to be licensed. There is also a call for a drive to promote programmes over seas, something that Xin Xin, a Chinese media scholar at the Westminster School of Media Art and Design, says is “quite consistent with the party’s objective to promote its ideology and socialist culture with Chinese characteristics in the new international and media environment”.

You can read the full article on the pages of the South China Morning Post.

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