Mercedes Bunz to speak at the Design Museum on Communicating in a Post-Verbal World

18 September 2017

On the 27th September Mercedes Bunz will speak at the Design Museum on the subject of Communicating in a Post-Verbal World. Along with a panel of experts she will help explore how Snapchat, Instagram and emoji are affecting the way we communicate. The talk will explore the rise in pictorial forms of communication in social media.

What to expect

Image-sharing apps like Instagram and snapchat have radically changed the way we communicate. What’s more, the enormous popularity of the emoji, used in texts and social media, has meant that people now rely increasingly on ideograms to reflect emotional states. But how are these new pictorial forms of communication affecting language and the way we interact?

This talk brings together leading experts in the field of social media, network cultures, design and technology to discuss the impact of visual communication in social media.

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