Sally-Anne Gross writes on Curating the void for M65 Magazine

5 October 2017
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Sally-Anne Gross, Programme Director on the Music Business Management MA at the University of Westminster writes this week for M65 Magazine under the title Curating the Void. Sally-Anne’s piece ponders an exhibition at the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art called Time is Out of Joint that she on stumbled upon while holidaying in Rome this summer. ‘The title’ she writes ‘seemed very apt in such a city, where the ruins of ancient and more recent pasts vie for attention in the cacophony of the present. The vibrant chaos is full of sound, and it got me wondering what might have been on my Roman playlist if I’d had the time to put one together’.

Sally-Anne’s article then goes on to discuss and explore in depth the relationship between artistic curation and that of music, mix-tapes and what it means to place niche and new music in the void of the music industry.


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