How to find truth online

1 February 2018

Anastasia Denisova has given an interview on fake news, Trump and Clinton, the media diet of the digital natives and how to find truth online for the Podcast Ci – Countering Violent Extremism.

The podcast aims to help us understand terrorism and counter-terrorism. Why people turn to terrorism, taking lives in the name of ideology. Why privileged young men band together in racist gangs to commit acts of violence. The difference between violence by state and non-state actors. Why some immigrant communities struggle to integrate. And how to tell better civil society stories, and ward off extremism. Ci – Countering Violent Extremism interviews global, government and community leaders as well as researchers and activists to help us understand how violent extremism happens and what can be done. Hosted by Dr Charles Kriel, field veteran working in conflict zones and fragile states around the planet.

You can listen to Anastasia on the Ci Postcast

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