“The internet is a devastating wasteland” says Sally Gross on FactMag

19th February 2018

Music industry vet turned music management teacher Sally Gross has seen “what happens to the detritus of the music industry firsthand.” With the study, “Can Music Make You Sick?”, she and co-author George Musgrave aimed to figure out why musicians, even the most up-and-coming, suffered more mental health-related issues than most other people. Lily Moayeri spoke to Gross, for FACT Mag, about the study and what needs to be done to help.

In the interview Sally suggested that “[The internet] is this devastating wasteland where everybody is emoting and creating,” going on to state that “Social media and the democratization of the distribution of music, which so many people see as an amazing new frontier, had me thinking, ‘Hang on a minute, what is going to happen to all these people?’”. This led in turn to  the study “Can Music Make You Sick?” Co-authored with Dr. George Musgrave, a senior lecturer in Gross’s MA program, the study was commissioned by Help Musicians UK.

The full interview with Sally can be found on the Fact Mag website.

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