New Book: Visual Public Relations: Strategic Communication Beyond Text

23rd May 2018

A new book on Visual Public Relations was published this month as part of the Routledge New Directions in Public Relations & Communication Research series, and features work by CAMRI colleague Jon Cope.

The book brings together a broad and diverse range of new and radical approaches to public relations focusing on the increasingly vital role that visual, sensory and physical elements factors play in shaping communication. Engaging with recent developments in critical and cultural theories, it outlines how non-textual and non-representational forces play a central role in the efficacy and reception of public relations. It challenges the dominant accounts of public relations which center on the purely representational uses of text and imagery, the book critiques the suitability of accepted definitions of the field and highlights future directions for conceptualizing strategic communication within a multi-sensory environment. Drawing on the work of global researchers in public relations, visual culture and communication, design and cultural theory, it brings a welcome inter-disciplinary approach which pushes the boundaries of public relations scholarship in a global cultural context.

Jon Cope, writing with Mark Wells for a chapter entitled ‘Picturing statistical narratives: a century of data visualizations in public relations practice, looks at data visualization. This they describe as one on the most fertile grounds for adopting new approaches to statistical narratives. They take both an historical, and theoretical perspective drawing on the work of Otto Neurath, one of the earliest and leading figures in visual communication and his work known as ISOTYPE (that is, showing social, technological, biological and historical connections in pictorial form).


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