CAMRI’s work on China cited by Swiss Magazine

4 October 2018
  • MW-Chinas-Soft-Power_20180920

The Swiss magazine, MEDIENWOCHE, in an article about China’s expanding foreign media, has drawn heavily on work by CAMRI scholars. The article, which is published in German, suggests the effect of China’s media expansion has been modest in comparison to the effort exerted. This, the article suggests, is due to Chinese broadcasters having to negotiate between independent reporting and state propaganda. This leads to a message that is confused and incoherent, says Vivien Marsh, who recently finished her PhD with CAMRI at the University of Westminster. The article also draws heavily on the latest issue of Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture, which focused on Re-Evaluating China’s Global Media Expansion, and the new text from Daya Kishan Thussu, Hugo de Burgh, and Anbin Shi – China’s Media Go Global.



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