Maria Michalis: Rethinking Media Diversity in the Age of the Internet

5 December 2018

On 16th November, Maria Michalis presented on “Revisiting Media Diversity: Is Diversity Always Desirable?” at the Media Policy Conference “Revisiting Media and News Diversity” organised by The Institute for Media Studies (University of Leuven) and the Euromedia Research Group. Maria set out to rethink diversity in the age of the Internet and argued that greater attention needs to be paid to issues of (terms of) access and findability in the increasingly data-driven media markets where more is often less.

Maria is delighted to have subsequently become a member of the European Research Group, a network of European researchers established in 1982 with the aim to collect and exchange information, and to develop and apply methodological and analytical frameworks that help to analyse developments in media structure and policy in the European region. Stay tuned for more news!

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