Sally Anne Gross contributes to Minds at Work report by the Fabian Society

24 January 2019
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Sally Anne Gross, Principal lecturer in Music Business Management, has contrbuted to a new Fabian Society report on Minds at Work. The report reveals that Britain’s rapidly changing labour market is creating new risks for mental health, and especially highlights the increase in the number of self-employed workers with a mental illness. Over five years the number has almost doubled, from 105,000 in 2012 to 203,000 in 2017. The report calls for an urgent rethink of attitudes towards mental health as the world of work continues to transform.  Recommendations include, reforming statutory sick pay to make it more flexible, more generous and available to workers from day one of their employment. Creating a new collective insurance scheme to help protect the incomes of self-employed workers if they need to take time off work. Alternative management approaches which focus on the value and potential of each individual, rather than the cost of their mental illness. And also training managers in equality law and their responsibilities to employees as well as ‘soft’ management skills.


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