Anastasia Denisova interviewed on ‘clickbait fashion’ for the Guardian

28 May 2019
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Following the posting of pictures on Instagram of a model wearing a pair of pink jeans with extreme rips by the US fashion brand Fashion Nova, and the backlash it recieved (along with 20,000 likes), Guardian journalist spoke to CAMRI’s Anastasia Denisova about what makes clickbait fashion.

In the article, which explores what makes images go viral, Denisova sugges that part of the reason social media users like these kinds of posts is down to “the debate” and how it can increase your online status. “You can make fun of ridiculous fashion choices or outfits and get several benefits at once,” she says. “The reputation of a witty person who makes others laugh; a feeling of being part of a community as others join in the mockery and the chance to defend your own identity and fashion choices, which may not be that exciting but may, nonetheless, be more sensible – especially in contrast to see-through plastic jeans.”

The full article can be read at The Guardian online.

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