Sally-Anne Gross interviewed about language and music for BBC Business Matters

19 June 2019
  • joseph-pearson-352145-unsplash

“Think of the most popular song you know, and it’ll probably be in English”, so begins an item on BBC Business Matters. The item discusses the changes in the music industry as more and more artists are choosing to sing in their own language, rather than English. The programme points to how the internet, and particularly YouTube is helping more artists, working with more diverse languages and sounds, to reach a bigger audience than ever before. The show also drew upon the work of CAMRI scholar Sally-Anne Gross who noted that while there are many opportunities for getting new music out, the realities of making this financially viable is as difficult as ever, and that the music industry is becoming ever more competitive.

The full show can be heard on BBC Sounds, starting at 44:20.


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