Your Views wanted: Public Service Media/Internet Utopias Survey

14 November 2019
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A major new survey aims to bring together visions for the future of public service media, the Internet, and communication by answering three short questions!


There is a need to empower the internet and public service media through visionary thinking, including provocative, radical and utopian perspectives.This short survey, a co-operation of the Communication and Media Research Institute and ORF Public Value, asks; how will PSM and the internet in the future be able to attract citizens, to empower democracy and in doing so be successful and relevant?

We are interested to collect and give a voice to diverse, heterogenic ideas about the future of public service media/internet, and society, in order to identify utopias and visions that will guide the future of the internet and public service media.

The authors of the most visionary contributions will be invited to participate in the Public Service Media/Internet Utopias-workshop in 2020, an event in London organised and hosted by the AHRC Research Network “Innovations in Public Service Media Policies” that is led by Dr Alessandro D’Arma (University of Westminster) and Dr Minna Horowitz (University of Helsinki).

Survey organisers/contacts:
Prof Christian Fuchs, Director of the Communication and Media Research Institute, &
Dr Klaus Unterberger, Head of ORF Public Value,

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Photo by Thomas Jensen on Unsplash