CAMRI alumna Nathasha Fernando launches new podcast examining Anglo-American racial discourse

2 March 2021
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CAMRI alumna Nathasha Fernando, along with Westminster graduate Maria Mancuso and author Nadeesha Uyangoda,  launched Sulla Razza , an Italian podcast powered by Juventus. The show aims to ‘translate’ words that have theoretical relevance in Anglo-American racial discourse into Italian: race, colourism, fair-skin privilege, one-drop rule etc.

Racism in Italy isn’t properly acknowledged and it’s tackled using a rather ubiquitous American perspective. Italy though needs to address its own local racism, through an analysis of its own history and practices: colonialism, lack of representation, problematic terms and expressions.
Sulla Razza aims to create a conversation between non-white and white Italians and to reshape the debate on race and racism in Italy.
The show – produced in Italian for now- will go online twice per month, for a total of twelve episodes and is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.
Listen now;

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