We Might Be Tables discuss Death and Love: The Metaphysics of Communication by Christian Fuchs

27 April 2021

The We Might be Tables podcast, hosted by Dewansh Matharoo & Shrish Sudharsan, recently devoted two episodes to a reading an analysis of  Death and Love: The Metaphysics of Communication, from Communication and Capitalism: A Critical Theory by Prof. Christian Fuchs.

In the two episodes the hosts look at material realities and how (possibly absurd) concepts like death fit into a capitalist framework, using Christian Fuchs’ Death and Love: The Metaphysics of Communication. With excerpts from thinkers like Thomas Nagel, Martin Heidegger, Jean-Paul Sartre and Karl Marx, the chapter, and the discussion raises (uncomfortable) questions about the nature of human relationships and the role of socialism in combating the phenomenon of death.



In the second part of the postcast, the hosts analyse the grief and mourning that follows death. And are surprised as Fuchs leaves them with some insightful sections on immortality and posthumanism.


We Might be Tables is a podcast in which two friends contemplate and examine the nature of the world in all its absurd glory, while analysing anything from television and video games to books and essays. Founded in a passion for philosophy, this podcast, with hosts Dewansh Matharoo and Shrish Sudharsan, is a fresh take on culture, being, and everything in between. What does it mean to be, anyway? After all, we might be tables.

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