Carl Jones talks to the Desde el Inicio podcast about what it takes to get into the creative industries

11 August 2021

“If young people want to get into the creative industries, they need to keep up to date with the always evolving digital technologies” advises Carl Jones on the Latin American podcast ‘Desde el Inicio’

The popular weekly podcast Desde el Inicio (From the Beginning) is where the top creatives in Mexico, the largest Spanish speaking country in the world, explain how they started their careers. Available on Spotify and YouTube the podcast is designed to inspire new generations thinking of entering the Creative Industries.

For this weeks episode they interviewed advertising expert Carl W. Jones who has created campaigns in Toronto, New York, and Mexico City for over 25 years and now teaches PR & Advertising at the University of Westminster.

Carl advised that “to gain and keep a job in digital media an understanding of new forms of communication and how they function is needed. Also, it is important to question and understand how those designed messages affect society in terms of race and gender”

He continued “a well-rounded portfolio that reflects creative thinking and problem solving in different media gives one an advantage in job interviews”

Watch the podcast below, or listen on Spotify.

Carl Jones is a CAMRI scholar, and visual artist, art director, award-winning international creative director, and Snr lecturer in the School of Media and Communication. Currently researching ‘Decolonizing advertising’ which sets out to redefine the concept of advertising through an analysis of the political economy of race in Mexico, and its manifestation through the spectacle of advertising.

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