Jean Seaton speaks to the BBC Briefing Room with David Aaronovitch on the history of the BBC Licence Fee

25 January 2022
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With the longer term funding of the BBC under pressure, Prof. Jean Seaton joined David Aaronovitch and others guests to explore the alternatives to the licence fee. During their conversation Seaton talked about why the licence fee was first introduced, noting that “the fee was influence by three things; anxiety about who was broadcasting, the economic model that was being used by the Post Office at the time, and the notion that broadcasting should bring the best of everything to every home”. Seaton went on the discuss how the fee also allowed the BBC the remain free from the government. Seaton also gave listeners an overview of other attacks on the BBC and licence fee since it began.


Professor Jean Seaton, University of Westminster
Matt Walsh, Head of school of Journalism, Media & Culture, Cardiff University
Vilde Sundet, University of Oslo Professor
Patrick Barwise, London Business School Claire Enders, Enders Analysis

Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash