Professor Steven Barnett for The Guardian on who newspapers will endorse in the upcoming election

3 June 2024

Professor Steven Barnett, Professor of Communications at the University of Westminster, has spoken to The Guardian about which political party UK newspapers will back in the run up to the 4 July election.

With the Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph already endorsing the Conservative leader Rishi Sunak, the article focuses on Rupert Murdoch and the direction that his UK publications The Sun and The Times are likely to take.

Professor Barnett suggests that, with the Labour Party looking to be likely winners, the Murdoch papers will give qualified support to Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.

He said: “Historically, both the Times and the Sun have backed the ultimate winners of the general election. Murdoch knows Starmer is going to win, and I’d be very surprised if there wasn’t at least a lukewarm endorsement.”

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Photo by Hadyn Cutler on Unsplash

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