Carl Jones speaks on A.I. and creativity for one of Latin Americas largest business newspapers El Economista, and to over 200 students in Norway on A.I. and Digital Media

21 March 2023

On 4th February the Mexican newspaper El Economista interviewed Carl on the subject of Creativity and A.I.  and asked him How artificial Intelligence (A.I.)  will affect the creative industries? Jones responded. “AI will replace jobs in creative areas. However, the difference is that each human being has a personality and a unique form of  logic that a robot will never be able to emulate.”  The paper then asked  How to survive with a job in the creative industries?, Jones responded “…by  using technology. One of the useful tools are those of ‘social listening’ where A.I. is used to support human process. More persuasive ideas can arise that are then embodied in branded communication such as Public Relations or Advertising campaigns.”

He also discussed why the creative industries are perfect for people with neurodiversity “It is common for many people related to creative areas to have ADHD or dyslexia. That is the reason why they are perfect for those jobs. They are known as being ‘neurodivergent” (their brain is wired differently) and that is appreciated by companies because they know that this characteristic will benefit them in their jobs. Due to their different schools-of thought and unique ways of problem solving. These people are able to create original, creative and effective solutions. This unique thought process cannot be reproduced by A.I.”

On March 2nd  Carl  then went to visit Norway’s fourth largest city Trondheim, to speak to over 200 Norwegian students who are currently studying ‘media’ and are interested in coming to learn more  in London. He spoke on how Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is being appropriated by the use of digital media in the communication industries of Public Relations & advertising to predict trends. This is in order to ‘promote’ global companies branded messages through ‘storytelling’ in order to persuade & influence. However there are also negative issues such as trust and privacy, and this tendency
was predicted in the 1970’s by French philosopher Michel Foucault.

This talk was held with other UK  H.E.  such as University of Plymouth and Queen Margaret University and was done in partnership with SONAR . Carl Jones is Snr. Lecturer for The School of Media and Communications and teaches in Digital Media.

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Image: Carl Jones