Carl Jones speaks on AI and produces educational videos for Massolit

15 May 2023

On April 25th  The College of Media’s  ‘Diversity committee’ within the University of Illinois invited CAMRI member  Carl W. Jones to speak to over 100 staff and students about  ‘Artificial Intelligence and Digital Media’.  Jones talked about how AI is being used by the communication industries to “promote” global companies’ branded messages through “storytelling”. Jones also looked at the potential dangers of AI related to diversity, privacy, ownership, and job replacement.

In the Q&A session after the presentation Carl was asked ‘Do you see universities and schools offering AI courses?’. He answered that “Yes, students will be taking courses specifically in AI and its relation to marketing, or AI in any of the other areas of study in  Universities, such as journalism or Advertising/PR . But we need to understand that sometimes it takes a while for courses to be created and be offered . With  corporations  in the creative industries embracing AI  I think it will happen sooner rather than later. Students need to be trained in how to use AI as a tool  so that they’re prepared when they enter  the workforce.”

On May 2nd Jones was filmed by the media production company Massolit who work with “university academics to produce high-quality, curriculum-linked video lectures for GCSE, A Level and IB students and teachers”, around the globe.   They  selected Jones to speak on Semiotics as he is an Executive Committee Member 2022-2025 representing Great Britain on the  International Association of Semiotic Studies IASS/AIS organization. During the video lectures Jones defines semiotics and related terms, then applied semiotic theory to  advertising and press articles  to uncover hidden messages relating to  misogyny and racism. The videos will be distributed in September of this year.

Image and Video: University of Illinois, with kind permission

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