Winston Mano Invited Inspirational Speaker at The Joan Roan School

20 February 2024

How does one become a professor? This was one of many questions faced by CAMRI’s Winston Mano when he was invited in the Inspirational Speaker Series at The John Roan School (  Mano talked about his primary and secondary school education as well as his university academic journey to professorship. He relived his years at the University of Zimbabwe, University of Oslo and the University of Westminster. The students especially wanted to know about Mano’s academic interests, favourite books and perspectives on university education. They were curious about the link between education and career choices. Mano encouraged them to choose subjects that they were passionate about. The event, attended by senior students, was held on Monday 5th February at the Maze Hill site. It was a “lovely meeting with you and hearing from you”, said Ms Rita Stibble, the Head of Year 12 and the speaker series’ organiser. Mano was recommended by Ms Camilla Rissanen, a Geography Teacher and also a University of Westminster alumni. Ms Rissanen described the event as “amazing” and added, “Apparently the students had really good feedback and ideas from it”. Mano thanked the John Roan School for the opportunity.


Image: Winston Mano

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