Winston Mano in Research on Young African Diasporas

8 March 2024

CAMRI’s Winston Mano teamed up with Professor Lusike Lynette Mukhongo from West Michigan University and Professor Wallace Chuma from the University of Cape Town to co-author “Being African: How Africans Experience the Diaspora,” a comprehensive report delving into the experiences of young Africans living or born in the diaspora. The report, available at, explores how negative narratives impact African diasporic youth and shape their perceptions of Africa.

Sampling participants from France, the UK, and the US, the study aimed to investigate how young African migrants experience life in the diaspora, how they define their African identity, establish their sense of belonging, and navigate relationships with other Africans. The findings show coping strategies and resilience as well as pride in African identity. Simultaneously, the young Africans strongly connect with the language and culture of their host countries.

This research, supported by Africa No Filter, has been published in both English and French. Additionally, it is available as a journal article in the Journal of African Media Studies at The collaboration contributes important and original insights on the lived experience of African diasporas.




Image by ANF

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