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BRICS: Building a NWICO 2.0?

A Research Paper by Daya Thussu, published by DOC Research Institute

In a globalised, mobile-multimedia age, the flow of media products is becoming increasingly multiple and horizontal. Daya Thussu’s Expert Comment focuses on the emergence of media content and digital media from the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) and explores the ways in which their increasing globalisation offers new opportunities for reformulating global communication discourses. Thussu argues that a new communication order may be evolving, which could contribute to more pluralistic and democratised international communication. This could resurrect an older demand for a New World Information and Communication Order, which dominated international communication debates during the 1970s. The BRICS nations represent a striking example of new geo-political and economic constellations emerging in the fields of media and communication, offering possibilities for a NWICO 2.0 to address asymmetries of power in global media and communication.

Image by kirill_makes_pics from Pixabay

Daya Thussu

About Daya Thussu

I am Professor of International Communication and Co-Director of the India Media Centre, the world's first academic centre dedicated to the study of media in India and its globalizing tendencies. I have published extensively in the field of global media and communication.


Daya Thussu
30 November 2016
Published By
DOC Research Institute
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