David Gauntlett at the BFI Media Conference

A Keynote by David Gauntlett, published by BFI Media Conference

As one of the few not-dead theorists listed in the new syllabus for AS/A Level Media Studies in the UK, David Gauntlett was invited to speak to Media Studies teachers at the BFI Media Conference, National Film Theatre, London, 30 June 2017. Apologies for low-ish quality audio/video (recorded on an iPad).

David Gauntlett

About David Gauntlett

David Gauntlett is Director of Research in Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design. He writes and teaches about the ways in which digital media gives people new opportunities to create and connect, and the social implications of this 'everyday creativity'.


David Gauntlett
6 July 2017
Published By
BFI Media Conference
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