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The people’s memes: how social media and populism are changing our lives

A Podcast by Anastasia Denisova, published by The Guardian

What makes social media so conducive to populist discourse? What similarities are there with the propaganda of yore?

To find out how old power structures are being shaken by new platforms, Leigh Alexander hears from Paulo Gerbaudo, a professor of digital culture at King’s College London; Anastasia Denisova, a lecturer in journalism at University of Westminster; and Emmy Eklundh, a teaching fellow in Spanish and international politics at King’s College London.


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Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash


Anastasia Denisova


Anastasia Denisova is a Lecturer in Social Media at CAMRI, University of Westminster. Before starting her academic career, she worked as a journalist in Russia for over a decade in the capacity of television news editor and reporter for NTV Broadcasting company, editor at Aeroflot Inflight magazine, and a freelance reporter and columnist for the major magazines, including GEO, Conde Nast Traveler, Vogue, Marie Claire and many others. Her work has received the industry and community recognition, including the French government’s award for the best publication on France in Russian in 2014 (the feature for GEO Russia).


21 March 2017
Published By
The Guardian
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