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Viral Media – New issue of WPCC

A Special Issue by Anastasia Denisova, published by Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture

The latest Issue of Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture has just been launched. Edited by Dr. Anastasia Denisova the issue examines viral media within the context of politics and soceity.

In the opening editorial by Denisova she questions what we mean by ‘Viral’, stating that “‘Viral’ is indeed an ‘imperfect term for rapid spread of information’ but viral media items still have the potential to deliver ‘progressive ideas’. This editorial notes how the contents of the issue plays host to a variety of fresh perspectives in its themes such as corrupted play, journalistic choice, viral politics, voice and nostalgia. It also notes, referring to the issue’s interview with Kishonna Gray, the dangers of platforms simply standing aside to allow toxic viral messaging and racism. It may be impossible to counter ‘morally ambivalent’ memes with regulatory or any other kind of ‘vaccines’ though it might, the author concludes, ‘be reasonable to limit the expanse of the viral flows and to question the algorithmic patterns of digital platforms’ even as memes’ popularity and resistance to total marketing control preserve their continuing (if somewhat tarnished) reputation as a ‘digital darling’.”


Full contents of the Issue

How to Define ‘Viral’ for Media Studies?
Anastasia Denisova

Viral Media: Audience Engagement and Editorial Autonomy at BuzzFeed and Vice
Paul Stringer



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Anastasia Denisova


Anastasia Denisova is a Lecturer in Social Media at CAMRI, University of Westminster. Before starting her academic career, she worked as a journalist in Russia for over a decade in the capacity of television news editor and reporter for NTV Broadcasting company, editor at Aeroflot Inflight magazine, and a freelance reporter and columnist for the major magazines, including GEO, Conde Nast Traveler, Vogue, Marie Claire and many others. Her work has received the industry and community recognition, including the French government’s award for the best publication on France in Russian in 2014 (the feature for GEO Russia).


26 March 2020
Published By
Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture
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