Steven Barnett speaks to ABC Australia’s morning programme about Prince Harry and press intrusion

Prince Harry has told a London court that phone-hacking has been carried out on an industrial scale across the British press during hours of cross-examination from the lawyer for […]

29 June 2023

Ofcom not meeting its statutory duty with regard to GB News says Steven Barnett

Steven Barnett recently joined a VLV Spring conference panel which debated whether impartiality regulation was still fit for purpose. There has been some recent debate about whether impartiality regulation […]

29 June 2023

Steven Barnett discusses the press pursuit of Harry and Meghan

Following stories of Harry and Meghan being chased by paparazzi through the streets, Steven Barnett spoke to the BBC about the events. During an interview with BBC 5 Live, […]

29 June 2023

Jean Seaton speaks at the Westminster Media Forum policy conference

Prof. Jean Seaton spoke at the Westminster Media Forum policy conference on 6th July 2022. The event focused on the future for media policy in the UK, with Seaton […]

29 June 2023
polobs-logotipo (1)

Maria Michalis joins the Advisory Board of the Observatory on Science, Communication and Culture Policies of the Communication and Society Policy Research Centre

Maria Michalis has join the Advisory Board of POLObs , the Observatory on Science, Communication and Culture Policies of the Communication and Society Policy Research Centre, University of Minho, […]

29 June 2023
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Camri researchers quoted in Ofcom’s recommendations to Government on the Future of Public Service Media

Camri researchers’ submissions are quoted and referenced in Ofcom’s Statement (2021) Small Screen: Big Debate. Recommendations to Government on the Future of Public Service Media. As part of its […]

29 June 2023

IPSO: Regulator or Complaints Handler?

A new report published this week reveals for the first time how IPSO, the press regulator which covers most of the UK’s largest print and online publishers, was set […]

29 June 2023

Peter Cunliffe-Jones writes on media literacy and misinformation

Following last week’s launch of the Misinformation Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa policy briefing, project lead Peter Cunliffe-Jones has been sharing insights from the briefing across a wide range of […]

29 June 2023
Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 07.47.52

Maria Michalis speaks to the European Audiovisual Observatory about the EU Digital Single Act and copyright

Maria Michalis participated in the European Audiovisual Observatory webinar on the proposed EU Digital Single Act and copyright. Sharing the platform with representatives from academia, the European Commission, YouTube, […]

29 June 2023

Broadcasting Post-Brexit

Maria Michalis recently wrote about the impact of Brexit on the audio-visual sector for the Voice of the Listener & Viewer newsletter, where she argues that it is too […]

29 June 2023
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