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Prof. Maria Michalis

Deputy Director of CAMRI
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Maria Michalis is Reader in Communication Policy. She has a background in political science and international relations and has a PhD in Communication Policy.

Her research interests are in the field of communication policy and regulation with a view to advance understanding of how technological, market, social, political and ideological changes impact upon and are negotiated through power relations and structures as manifested in policy and regulation, primarily in the European Union but within a comparative context. Her current research interests include public service media; Internet regulation; and the interplay between the technological convergence of television and telecommunications/internet, policy and business models.

She is author of Governing European Communications(Lexington, 2007) and numerous book chapters and academic articles in journals such as Media, Culture and Society; European Journal of Communication; International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics; Convergence: The Journal of Research into New Media Technologies; Review of International Political Economy; Gazette: The International Journal for Communication Studies and Telecommunications Policy.

Maria is on the editorial board of the‘Journal of Information Policy’, the ‘International Journal of Digital Television’ (from 2014), and the bi-lingual journal Comunicação e Sociedade. She is guest co-editor of a special issue of ‘Interactions: Studies in Communication and Culture’.

Maria has participated in projects dealing with a range of communication policy- related issues in various parts of the world. She has been invited to talk on such issues in various workshops and conferences.

Maria participated in parts of the European Science Foundation’s Forward Look, ‘Media studies: new media and new literacies’, which will shape future ESF research funding plans. She is Debate Curator for idebate.org’s ‘Public Service Broadcasting’ debate.

Maria has represented the Voice of the Listeners and Viewers on the European Alliance of Listeners’ and Viewers’ Associations and taken part in the invitation-only workshop of the European Commission on cross-border access and portability of audiovisual services (2013). She was an invited expert to the European Social and Economic Committee’s hearing on the European Commission’s consultation on Connected TV (2013) and contributed to the VLV’s submission to the same consultation.

She is General Secretary (elect) of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (2012-present).